Catfish Noodling

Catfish Noodling Adventure Information

Few things are as exciting and anticipatory as catfish noodling!  

Here at Brazos River Adventures we want to assure of a great time when you go with our noodling!

Your adventure begins when you arrive at our beautiful facilities.

We will get you checked in quickly and introduced to your catfish noodling guide, Mr. John Vandiver.

Mr. Vandiver is a Texas Native who has also spent time in Louisiana. Having extensive catfish noodling experience in both states he is fully qualified to make your noodling adventure a terrific time filled with much fun, laughter, and catfish that will let you tell stories to your friends for years to come!

This a memory making trip like few others out there!

A few things to consider before signing up for a Catfish Noodling Adventure.

  • Be sure you are strong enough! Our Guide is there to help each person but you need to be aware that you may noodle a catfish that weighs in at 45 pounds or larger and they can wrestle.
  • Never go alone! Our Guide and one of his assistants will be there with you. We have your safety in mind at all times!
  • We only noodle during the daytime. Catfish prefer to eat in the early mornings and late evenings. These are not good times to try and hand catch them. It is during the day that they like to curl up in a nice hole where you can hand fish (noodle) them.
  • Shhh - Keep the noise down. Yes, I know it’s really hard to do when everyone is having a really good time. However if we can all keep it down a few notches on the vocals and splashing of water we will all do better on getting more catfish caught. And that is what we all want!!
  • Expect some scrapes, scratches, and cuts. This is a time honored hunting method and you are going to get wet, possibly muddy, fishy smelling, and yea, you are going to get some scrapes, scratches and cuts while putting your hands in underwater rocks, brush, tree stumps, and catfish mouths. So we do keep a first aid kit handy.
  • You must know how to swim ! Please! For your own safety and everyone else's you must know how to swim if you plan on participating our Catfish Noodling Adventurez. All persons you plan to bring with you, wife, children, friends, other relatives, please make sure that they know how to swim before booking a catfish noodling adventure. This is a safety precaution that we strictly adhere to.
  • We Catch & Release. The Brazos River Adventurez Catfish Noodling Adventure is a Catch & Release program only. We do not keep nor allow others to keep the catfish that are caught. The reason for this is to allow many persons the opportunity to catch many as well as nice catfish while not depleting our section of the river of the vital catfish. If the catfish are removed, it would take too long for them to be replaced in size, quality, & quantity. Also the eco-structure of the river would become unbalanced. This also improves our catfish for future noodling adventurez. Instead we do photos of you and your fish and offer a free souvenir T-shirt to participants of the Catfish Noodling Adventurez.
  • No Guarantees on Catching Fish. However, we have not had any difficulty in our clients being able to noodle catfish.
  • Fishing License Required. State of Texas or a Non-Resident Texas Fishing License 
  • These can be obtained at any Academy or Other Sport Store, Wal-Mart, or Heb Grocery store. For our out-of-town guests we will assist you in obtaining your licenses.

Just a few more things to take into consideration:

  1. It is required that ALL Customers behave in a respectful manner at all times. (prior to, during, and/or after the noodling trip) Have full consideration for all others at all times. Excessive obscenities and unruly behavior will not be tolerated under any conditions and can and will result in your booking being cancelled with payments forfeited.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.
  3. All participants are required to sign release forms.
  4. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please no small children that are unable to wrestle a catfish or swim. Safety first.
  5. Noodling trips are on a first come - first serve basis

Booking Info

Costs of Catfish Noodling trip is $500.00 (plus sales tax).

$500.00 for 1 person or split the cost as a group, it is also more fun as a group!
  • $500.00 for 1 person
  • $250.00 for 2 persons
  • $166.67 for 3 persons
Please remember to book your trip in advance. We accept Cash, Visa and MasterCard. Trip can be paid in full or 50% deposit with remaining balance due upon arrival at the site.
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